Traveling Alliance

Leader in Forthcwen: Sah’sa

Membership Guidelines

Cost of Membership

  • Individual Fees: 15gp/month
  • Group Fees: 100gp/month (plus treasure share system)

Treasure Share

  • Guild gets 25%
  • Founding members (see benefits below) get 5% each
  • Contract Hirelings get agreed share
  • Remainder goes to member(s)


Apprentice: the Grunts. They do the simplest day-to-day stuff for the guild. Act as couriers/messengers. Run “errands.” Perhaps some reconnoitering and “investigation” of missions considered “minor” by the guild at large. Only permitted IN the city or its immediate (less than a day away) surroundings. Most likely, they answer/report to one of the Journeymen and/or mid-level clerks who gives them their assignments.

Journeyman: These guild members have advanced enough that they could be sent out on missions away from the city (caravan guards, rumors of treasures the guild would like to get their hands on in the neighboring country, etc)…and/or “high profile” missions within it. Also, as stated above, some/certain Journeymen would be included in the guild’s administration, overseeing and assigning missions to their peers and lessers. Mages or scribes who maintain records, archives, and dues for a particular section of the guild have also ascended to this level.

Senior Journeyman: Advanced veterans above the normal “Journeyman” status. Mostly likely have traveled fairly extensively. They are sent further afield as necessary or as they desire. They have a modicum of autonomy to “seek out” missions on their own (which, obviously, should be reported/logged with the guild but do not, necessarily require guild “approval” to undertake). Those no longer wishing to lead a life “on the road” serve as high-level administration and “trainers” of various adventuring skills for the lesser members. The “Master Clerk/Bookkeeper” whom the lesser clerks and bookkeepers report to would be a Senior Journeyman. They answer only to the “Masters” and are assigned to missions of extreme importance or urgency or requiring the utmost “discretion”…anywhere in the world the guild is able to reach.

Master: This tier has a very limited number of members, mostly just the original party who started up the guild. They each have their own agendas as well as a casting vote to any serious matters the guild puts to a vote. Being awarded an “honorary Master” title is extremely rare and difficult, reserved for only the most successful and unfailingly trustworthy guild members. One of the Masters is the direct superior of the “Master” [Senior Journeyman] Bookkeeper, keeping a close eye on dues brought in, percentages of treasures found, taking his or her pick of the best items for himself (and/or his fellow Masters and the Grand master). This Master would also keep an eye out for individuals of particular or peculiar talent (whether or not he/she would be interested in assisting such individuals or stifling them would depend on the kind of person you make them).

Grand master: A single individual, the leader of the original party who set up the guild. The highest level guild member (though the other Masters are probably within a level or two of him/her). He/she likes to be kept abreast of the guild’s activities, but generally is not personally concerned with anything below the Senior Journeyman missions (rather, nothing below that is brought to his/her attention…the assumption is the other Masters and Senior Journeymen are more than capable of dealing with those lower subordinates).

Benefits of Guild Membership

Individual membership

  • Adventures
  • -20% cost of guild items
  • -20% on lawyers
  • Avoidance of some taxes
  • Access to guild members and knowledge

Group membership

  • Registration of a party name
  • Registration of founding members
  • Access to guild associates, such as buyers, henchmen, and hirelings

Note on hirelings – these are player characters that are not part of a party, they hire on for adventure. It is a way for players to have a number of characters and run different ones during a campign. Being a hireling allows for a contract with the other players, it can be a flat fee OR a share of the treasure.

Adding to parties membership: every now and then a character will want to join the party – this character is added but not a founding member, they get 3 shares. These characters can buy founding membership but must deal with the other party members on the cost. Over time you may find yourself running an adventure group that has NO founding members.

Traveling Alliance

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