He is slightly over fifty, although it is hard to tell. His hair looks long and auburn, but there’s an odd quality to it that is hard to place. You can see his hazel-blue eyes shining as he stares down his short lizard snout. His skin is reptilian, but over the skeletal and muscular structure of a human. It is white, but has splotches of orange, similar to the color of his “hair.” This is of what can be seen.

As for his clothes, he is adorned in simple explorer’s garb, although there are seemingly permanent stains in a splatter pattern over most of it. He makes subtle gestures and moves in a slow and controlled manner, and is obviously dominant with his right hand, as is common in soldiers.

Although there is no other known member of his race, it is well known to those of the Adventurer’s Guild, for which he is the Captain, that he identifies as a creature known as the Haezoo-half a man, half a frilled lizard-but none has seen him in his fully angered form.


He’s a creative man with a realistic outlook on life, although still quick to happiness.

He was born in a middle class family in a small forest settlement. He led a plain life, until he discovered a behir(1) at the age of 15, which killed one of his younger sisters. Ever since that day, he sought to become a great warrior. Inspired by legends of the past, he longed to wield steel and carve his way in the world and found a mentor, an old seasoned veteran of wars past, in order to accomplish this goal.
He set out upon that personal mission of justice, compelled to speak out against or take action against unfairness and injustice everywhere he went.

After accomplishing many feats in this world, he ascended through the ranks of the Adventurer’s Guild, finally establishing himself as the Captain in the Forthcwen’s division of the Guild. He now bestows tasks to other adventurer’s in order to continue his mantra-to protect those whom cannot protect themselves- although, he can still teach the new recruits a lesson if needed.

(1) A behir is a huge blue serpentine magical beast with a crocodilian head; the creature is around forty feet long and weighs around four thousand pounds. They can run quickly on their twelve short, powerful legs, or slither by folding their legs close to their body. A behir can breathe a line of powerful electricity or swallow opponents whole by dislocating its jaw in serpentine fashion.

The behir is covered in hard scales and has a keel of spines running down its neck, as well as two on its head. These spines are used for grooming purposes and not combat.


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